Sunday, June 2, 2013

TASTE of a weekend.

Here's to a NORMAL weekend.  A weekend where Matt was home, we hung out with friends, and checked out Taste of Ann Arbor:

Taste of Ann Arbor is a food-filled festivity where many local Ann Arbor restaurants put up booths and serve delicious mini-portions for a certain number of 50 cent tickets (check it out here: taste of Ann Arbor).  Although Matt and I aren't "foodies" as the article suggests, it was fun, social, and tasty.   Especially the fish tacos from The Black Pearl (and I'm normally anti-fish taco).

One of the best things about our small house is its location.  We were able to WALK downtown Ann Arbor for the foodie-festival with a group of friends.

We also stumbled across a "doggie" boutique on the walk back to our house in Kerrytown--Dogma Catmantoo (here's a link:  It's a great little store filled with fun pet items.  Stella-bear is now sporting a new Bella Bean Couture collar:

She knows she looks extra cute (and desperately needs a haircut):

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