Saturday, January 26, 2013

$3000 pie.

Fire alarm, baking, smoke = problem.  Bigger problem = not knowing if it is your oven or dishwasher producing said smoke.

Let me explain.  We bought this house and it had OLD appliances.  As in the oven thermometer literally hung from one of the wire racks INSIDE the oven.  The refrigerator had no ice maker, there was no microwave, and the dishwasher's prongs were charred.  Sad.

It was Saturday around 4:30 p.m., and my mother-in-law was coming for dinner.  She is a kind woman--not the type to run a finger over a mantle to check for dust--but her opinion still matters to me.  She was set to arrive at 5:00 p.m.  An apple pie was in the oven, smelling awesome, and sirloin steaks were ready to be grilled.

Then IT happened.  I'm upstairs and I hear the BEEPing of the fire alarm.  I come down and the kitchen is FULL of smoke.  Our house reeks, my pie is half-baked, yet burnt, and I'm angry.  Not a great way to start a nice dinner...

So, that was it.  New appliances were no longer a "wait and see how it goes" option.  Dilemma: it was not a great time to buy appliances, no special deals, no major discounts, no holiday sales.  Our only option was to have the stores bid against each other.

Quotes from Lowe's and Sears helped to lower the price and seal the deal on four stainless Whirlpool appliances--which Matt installed, so proud.  A shout-out to Lowe's here: GREAT warranties which saved us several HUNDRED dollars in comparison to other stores.

The next adventure involved connecting a water line from the refrigerator to the main cold water supply pipe.

Note, it is crucial to use a braided stainless steel water line when installing a self-tapping saddle valve. We first tried a copper line, but it kinked, leaked, and water was everywhere but flowing into the refrigerator.

Now we have ICE and according to Matt, $3,000 apple pie.  Life is good.


  1. The new appliances look awesome! I'm so impressed that Matt installed them--connecting the dishwasher is really intimidating to me.

    1. Thanks, Mark! We miss you guys! Matt made a friend in the salesman at Lowe's and he walked Matt through the process.