Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February BLUES

I love Michigan summers, the sunshine, the beach (YEAH Holland), boating, grilling, strawberry shortcake, bonfires... Just writing about summers in Michigan makes me smile.  But I hate February.

 Trygve Johnson--Hope College's Dean of the Chapel-- put it the best:
"No one looks good in February."

Truth.  After not seeing sunshine for a few months people are pasty, cold, and sometimes sweaty from the chore of putting on winter gear, removing winter gear, stuffing winter gloves in winter coat get the point.  Sweating in February may just be the worst part of the month.

I have noticed heading into February 2013, Trygve's theory applies to our small house, too.  February is not its month.

We normally pick a project and go for it! Full speed ahead! But for the past few months, rolling into February, we have had 17 projects planned and not finished ONE.

For example:

We purchased engineered hickory hardwood flooring--stunning:

but not installed:

and currently sitting in our basement.

We pulled off the quarter round in anticipation of ripping out old floors:

Yes, those are stubborn nails jutting out from the trim.

We bought a backsplash:

that cannot be installed until our new countertops are put in.

And the list goes on.

BUT, we do have one MAJOR plan to lay the engineered hickory hardwood in FEBRUARY--which carries some potential to lessen February angst.  So I will keep you posted...

February BLUES don't have to be contagious.  In fact, maybe if you had just ONE or two selected February projects--or a trip to the Caribbean-- February could be cheery, or even balmy.

So our February projects are going to be the new floor and the MUD room--before and after pictures to come.  Sadly, no trip to the Caribbean is in our immediate future.  Maybe next year.

What are your February plans?


  1. Our February plans are to live out of the Master Bedroom as our one butt kitchen is remodeled. The mirrored wall in the living room disappeared yesterday. Everything is covered with plastic, then dust. The weather turned cold this morning, only 70! We might have to jump into gingerale and take tour.

  2. February plans include but are not limited to: surviving another winter month, hanging out with friends to help beat the winter blues, planning vacations!!