Friday, March 29, 2013

small house, BABY boy

Last Saturday the women in the Overway family celebrated the up-and-coming baby d, who will soon be joining the Danello family!

There were gifts:

and many smiles and hugs:

and more gifts.  But most of all, there was excitement surrounding the anticipation of the baby boy that is going to join our family.  So much preparation and love poured into something so small, so beautiful, unborn.

Although I have no personal experience, I can only imagine the dreams a mother and father have for their newborn son, the completion and true start of their family.

And because of my experience with love, I can't imagine how God, knowing that He was sending His son, His beautiful baby boy, to die on the cross, could follow through with such a sacrifice for me and for you.

I look at all the nursery planning many of my friends have accomplished in anticipation of their little ones, the outfits washed and hung ready to be worn, the books precisely placed on the small bookshelves, just at the right height. Again, the love, the anticipation.

Yet, God's plan to send His son involved so much more than we can humanly fathom.  He prepared many hearts, completed the trinity, and sent His only Son, knowing so many would miss the message, and knowing His son would ultimately be sacrificed.  It was a raw, but perfect plan.

I don't know what God's plans entail for baby d, or for any of us, but because of the gift of Jesus and the price Jesus paid, we get to celebrate the life of baby d and I'm thankful.  New life, new hope, and Easter eggs.

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