Sunday, March 3, 2013

small house, the MATCH + door.

MARCH--closer to spring, robins, gardening, long walks around Argo Pond, and SUNSHINE.

Last spring, this month brought anxiety and excitement.  It was MATCH month, the month we found out where Matt would be doing his residency.  Our rank list was: 1. U of M; 2. Northwestern; 3. Vanderbilt.

Here we are opening the official letter:

After the official MATCH and knowing we would be staying in Ann Arbor for the next 4-6 years, we decided to start house "shopping."   Actually, it was more like house "racing." The market in Ann Arbor moves CRAZY fast.

Needless to say,  March 2013 is expected to be less eventful in comparison to March 2012, and for that, we're thankful!

We are planning on touching up cabinets, attacking the "mud" room, and selecting window treatments! WHOOT, exciting!!!

I also need to start reading about gardening.  I would love any advice as to helpful gardening blogs, books, or personal experience!  How much to plant? Maybe a garden "map"?

Last summer our side yard looked like this:

We were told when we bought the house that a beautiful garden would grow in.  We waited. Waited. Waited.  August came and went, still no garden.

So this spring we are PLANTING!

Fortunately, we also invested in a new garage door this past winter that goes UP and DOWN by pressing a button, YAY!  Last summer we were dealing with this every time we were in and out of the garage:

The garage door needed to be pulled manually up and down.  This would not have been so bad but for the collection of spiders hanging from the bottom stripping of the garage door.  GROSS!  The weather stripping was also old, cracked, and allowed for potential critters to crawl inside.

Now our garage looks like this:

Interestingly, there is approximately a 70-90 percent return on investing in a new garage door (depending on which article you read).  Here is a link to one: Garage Door Return on Investment.

The Wixsons are ready, Spring!! Bring on the 50-70 degree weather and sunshine!

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