Tuesday, February 26, 2013

small house, DIY yes!

For the first time since June 8, 2012, the small house feels like OUR home.  Not just a project, to-do list, or investment, but our home.  Maybe it's because our to-do list is now down to six-ish major items, or because our new floors make the house feel "warm" even though they are literally cold (thankful for my UGG slippers), or because it smells like gingerbread?

From floor-to-wall there are memories of family and friends fixing, cleaning, laying new floors, painting, and the list goes on...  It has made this house, ours.

Matt and Dad after they finished hanging the "beastly" mirror.  Notice the white cabinets and linoleum in the kitchen, GONE!

Mom and Dad after a day spent cleaning and washing windows last June while I studied for the bar and Matt learned how to be a resident.  Notice MORE linoleum and laminate, also GONE!

Before we bought the small house, I was not a fan of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Period.  But I have learned that the grunt work, dust, and dirt, add value and appreciation that cannot be obtained by simply hiring a professional.  

We have also learned a lot about home repairs, and ourselves, like a fear of spiders should not result in throwing a cup of stain which lands on the cement pad underneath your carport--story for another post. 

AND, we have had so MUCH help.  Thank you!  We could not have done it without ALL of you--but we're not quite done yet, so your help is still much appreciated :)

Next on the list... toss up between window treatments and the MUD room.  I must admit, the MUD room just isn't going to happen in February.  

But there is always March.

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