Friday, February 15, 2013

wall of ECLECTIC things

The dilemma: bare walls "issue" in the family room:

Photo wall? Art? Paint? Wallpaper? too many options.

Usually I am anti photo walls. Stereotypically cluttered, disorganized, and slightly crooked.  Always.  They bother me.

Then World Market changed my mind with this:

Dear oil rubbed bronze bicycle, you were love at first sight.  The perfect piece to center my "eclectic things" wall around.  Problem, Matt and I had implemented a $100/month home decor budget, and this one "eclectic thing" was approximately 1/2 of that budget.  Stupid budget.  

Before I knew it, my arms were worth $150 of World Market frames.  Not happening.  So I chose one white frame, the bicycle, and a joy sign--$80ish dollars.  Score? Not quite.  I needed more frames.

That left one option: thrifting.  Those of you who know me, know I am more the Pottery Barn, less the thrifting type.  As previously discussed--"germaphobe"--I hate germs.  So thrifting results in me feeling a bit grossed out.  

But I was on a mission, I had to finish the "eclectic thing" wall.  So we went to the Salvation Army and found these beauts:

For $1.50, total.  They were on sale.  

So I mapped out my plan:

I moved the "eclectic things" around on the carpet until I was satisfied with the layout.  The "eclectic things" included the bicycle, frame, and wall art from World Market, two frames from Salvation Army, and one frame from my Gramsiebaby (remember her: chocolate cabinets).

Took a picture to document said layout.  Matt started hanging:

Then it STRUCK me and I changed my mind.  Plan B--woman's prerogative.  

I needed Mercer Beasley to be part of the "eclectic thing" wall.  Allow me to explain.  

Our family has a tradition that involves an OLD tennis racket, Mercer Beasley.  According to Uncle Bob, this racket is named after THE Mercer Beasley, the most famous tennis coach who NEVER actually played tennis.  Meet Mercer Beasley:

Every some odd number of years Mercer Beasley gets passed to a different member of the Lokers family.  This year it was my turn and this wall was the PERFECT spot: 

It worked--the "eclectic things" wall makes the family room feel like home.  

Then, a little rebalancing by moving the height to the opposite side of the tv leading into the "eclectic thing" wall:

And the family room came alive--note: photos currently in frames are temporary.

But I couldn't post all of this without a shout-out to the hubs, who made this meal for his valentine last night:

with heart-shaped cookies for dessert.  Love that man!


P.S.  A preview of what's next on small house, big city:

 such a poser.

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