Sunday, February 17, 2013

small house, big MESS

The couch is arm to ottoman.  The piano bench is "decorated" in pillows.  Guest room full of dining room chairs, lamps, and everything in between.  I thought we moved already?

Take a look:

Don't worry Mom, the piano is not being "smushed."  Promise.

Our weekend has been jam-packed.  We removed flooring:

Thanks Sush and Dave!!!

Sold old flooring on Craig's List:

Bought trim from Lowe's:

5.25"--it rocks

Loaded trim into our Passat.  Way to go VW/little car that makeshifts as a truck, kind of:

Removed old trim:

Touched up paint before new floor install:

Opened boxes of new flooring to allow acclamation to humidity/house for 24-48 hours pre-install:

and did a little decor shopping--OOPS slightly over budget, but hey, we did sell the old flooring:

The rug is PERFECT-- Moroccan-Kladioscope fusion.  Pier 1 sale!  It picks up the orange in the chair and will work to "warm" the room.  I had been dead-set on a gray rug, gray is the new taupe, right? But then I saw this and loved the COLORS.

So the small house is a BIG mess, but fingers-crossed it will be well worth it!  Can't wait for David Jeffries to arrive to get the small house, BIG install going.


  1. I love the tall trim! We used a 7 inch with a decorative top. Funny how excited you get over stuff like that huh?

  2. Yah! You found a rug! It looks great with the chair too. I think you will love the colors with the wood floor, more than grey. Can't wait to see the finished projects. (It's amazing how redoing flooring turns the house upsidedown, eh?!)